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Below is a list of all the acceptable applications that Graphic Controls supports. These applications are specifically designed for the print media/publishing industry. In order to give you the best quality product please send the ORIGINAL created file in the formats below. We currently have the latest versions of these applications. Please include all supporting files and fonts with your digital files.

Anything deviating from the below will result in recreating your artwork in an acceptable format. This will require extensive time for our artist to recreate your design.

If others have capabilities that we do not, please advice and we will upgrade our capabilities. Graphic Controls can accept both MAC and PC file formats.

  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Quark Xpress
  • Adobe Indesign

Bitmap Files

Continuous tone images that contain screens need to be no smaller than 300 DPI. All photographs need to be converted to CMYK. RGB files cannot be used. All files that are placed in applications need to be placed at 100% of their original value. Scaling an image will reduce the quality of the final product. Bitmapped files can be saved in several file formats. Below is a list of the file formats we require

  • EPS
  • TIF
  • JPEG - Jpeg files need to be saved at the highest quality setting (12)
  • PDF - Only vector based PDF files can be used

Compression / Archives

Please use a compression utility when sending digital files over the Internet. This archive preserves the files during the transportation from server to Internet to server.


Our presses are capable of printing between 133 line screen and 150 line screen. Due to some limitations of the flexographic printing process, the minimum highlight dot in continuous tone images cannot be lower than 2%. Any screens less than 2% will not reproduce, leaving a hard edge and an undesirable look.


Please include all fonts with your digital files. If possible, using a vector based application (i.e. Freehand, Illustrator) convert fonts to paths. This will convert the selected font to a working line drawing, eliminating the need to supply the fonts. Avoid using fonts smaller than 4 pt. If you are using a smaller font as a reverse, please make the font BOLD.

NOT acceptable Files:

Please do not send files in word processing applications such as: Microsoft Word, Works, Word Perfect, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint. These applications are not designed for any print application and cannot be used in our printing.


  • Try to reduce the number of supporting images or components to your artwork. If possible try to design your artwork in one file. This makes prepping your files for print much easier.
  • Do not embed placed images in files.
  • Web graphics cannot be used as artwork.
  • Do not use type smaller than 5pts. Anything less will not reproduce well.
  • Do not use styles to any fonts from the text menu. Use the correct font without adding styles.
  • If possible, do not flatten artwork files. Most files will need minor tweaking.
  • If artwork bleeds, make sure there is additional image bleed past the finished size of the ticket.
  • Always submit a hard copy with your digital files.


All digital files that arrive at Graphic Controls are pre-flight and compared to the hard copy proofs supplied with your artwork. Files are checked for correctness, sizes, colours, separations and specifications are checked for accuracy. Any missing files, concerns or recommendations are addressed prior to proofing your artwork.

IGT/Easy Pay Tickets

We have designed templates based on specific specifications from IGT. The templates can be e-mailed to you for a design guide. All templates are created in the most current design software and are based on critical specifications. The maximum image area for these tickets is 153mm x 42mm.


All customers will receive a one up digital colour proof followed by an electronic pdf file for review. Please note that pdf proofs are not accurate for colour. If you or your customer require a high end proof, such as a matchprint, chroma, iris, etc. please let your sales representative know. Although our composite proof is very accurate to your digital file, your final ticket may look slightly different due to the substrate and printing process that we are using.

Sending Your Files

All artwork files can be e-mailed to: bdegan@graphiccontrols.com. In addition to e-mail we can support any removable disk media for transporting.

Mail files to:

Graphic Controls
400 Exchange Street
Buffalo, NY 14204

Sending your files via FTP:

Please notify us if you are interested in sending your files via FTP server. Graphic Controls will provide you with information on accessing our FTP Server..





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